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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, we survived the first week of school. It's even harder than I thought it would be. Braxton came home two different days saying bigger kids had pushed him on the playground, but overall he loves school. Then we picked him up on Friday. I asked him how his day was, as he got in the van. He replied "horrible." Lloyd was with me and we both implored "WHY?" Evidently, some girls on the playground were saying he looked "stupid" and like a "freak," and it majorly hurt his feelings. So much so, that his friend Garrett The First Grader couldn't even console him.

It just really shocked me that they start so young being so mean! Friday was picture day and Braxton was dressed in a green striped polo and some khaki pants that roll up to mid-calf with some crocs on. He looked way cute and very much like the other kids, but for some reason he was the target of some girls' cruelty. My first reaction was that maybe they were needy kids who were jealous of Braxton. So I asked him what they were wearing. He said "cool clothes" and went on to describe in detail the girls skirts and shirts. So that ruled that idea out. I thought maybe they were older kids just picking on younger ones for no reason. Evidently they were in kindergarten too. So I'm sitting in the van looking at Lloyd about to cry because MY CUTE BOY IS NOT STUPID OR A FREAK AND HOW DARE THEY SAY SO!!!!! And then I remembered my friend Christina and her countless talks with Hanna about who GOD says Hanna is, and I remembered Hanna's bulletin board with all the verses on it.

So I asked Braxton if he knew what God said about him. He said no. So I said "God says he made you to look just like you. He made your eyes to be Braxton's eyes and your nose to be Braxton's nose. And your ears to be Braxton's ears and your hair and your hands...everything about you God made to be just the way you are. And God says you are His MASTERPIECE." He didn't know what a masterpiece was. So we talked about our friend Mr. Shawn the artist and how he sculpts and paints things and those are his "masterpieces." In that same way, God sculpted and painted him (Braxton thought that was funny) to look just like Braxton and he was God's masterpiece.

I hate that the girls were mean to my cute boy, but I'm thankful that God allowed me to use it to speak to Braxton about what HE says. I told Braxton that the next time the girls were mean to him just to say "I'm God's masterpiece and I don't care what you think." But now that I think about it. I may tell him to say "I'm God's masterpiece and so are you."

May all the mean girls in our kids' lives hear that truth spoken to them, and may our kids be the known as the kind ones....

Ephesians 2:10 "For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." (NLT)


3 wonderful gifts said...

I remeber when Kayla was that young we went through that same sitiation come to find out the little boy liked Kayla and didn't know what to say except mean things. We didn't find out till after Kayla punched him and sent him to the ground for trying to kiss her. LOL (daddy said that's my girl) Needless to say she didn't get in trouble cause the little boy was trying to kiss her.
It's great God allowed you to be able to use that moment in Braxtons life to tell him about God and why he was made the way he was.

2 Little Lights said...

AMEN RANDI! Poor Braxton:(

I hate feeling helpless when it comes to what goes on at school, but these are the moments that make our children and ourselves stronger and wiser!!

You're an awesome mommy:)

robbieniccum said...

I am so so sorry for Braxton, and all children that are targets for mean words but I do pray that what you told him sinks into the depths of his heart and that he believes it to be true!!!!! MUCH LOVE GIRL!

Oliver said...

Awwww! Im so not looking forward to this stuff- I think you held it together quite nicely I would have said something not so nice those little girls..look whos getting bullied now:) No I am an adult but thats what you feel like -huh!
ANywhooo way to use your wisdom!
Good Job Mom and Braxton WILL remember your word and he feel God's love!!

Amy Mccathran said...

OK, my first reaction was to come and give those little girls a piece of my mind. You know how much I love Braxton! You handled this situation so well though and I am proud of you. Braxton was wonderfully and fearfully made by God and was created perfectly. May the rest of his school year get better and may he make some quality friends that will build him up and that he will be able to build up as well.

Randi said...

Girls, I told Braxton on Monday morning that if the girls were mean to him again just to say "I don't care what you say. I'm God's masterpiece and so are you." He looked at me like I was insane and said "No MOM." Lloyd says I'm going to get him beat up! :)

saraadair said...

Hey girl, I finally got to sit down and read on the blog, which was good so that I could hear the whole story about Braxton and school. The way you handled the issue is great. Christina was right, you are an awesome mommy. God used you to speak the truth to Braxton, only God can use the bad for something good. Just keep telling Braxton the truth. He may not feel ready to share it with the girls, but keep telling him, he will. Funny that you mentioned that book today about learning, "the well-trained mind," because I think of how we learn through repetition. I think that's a huge factor in learning! The more we hear it and the more we practice it, the more we get it! You just keep praying with him and teaching him to put his self-worth in Christ Jesus and he will be prepared for things to come in life! You are an awesome mom and an awesome friend. I love you.