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Friday, August 8, 2008

Boots, Boats, and Pirates

A few year ago, my mom bought a pair of black cowboy boots at a garage sale for my nephew Dylan. They've since been passed down through the boys. Currently, Bryce is obsessed with them. They are 2 sizes too big,come up to his knees, and obviously not in the best shape, but he loves them! He wears them everywhere (yes with shorts)--to the store, to church, even to the swimming pool!

I keep finding toys stuck down behind the cushions on my couch. I clean them out and everyday, there are more. I knew who the culprit was so I asked Bryce why he was hiding toys. Our conversation went something like this: "Bryce, why are there toys behind the pillows? Did you put them there?" "Ya" "Are you hiding them?" "Ya" "From who?" "The bad guys." "Brother?" "No." "What bad guys?" (After several motions and more caveman speak, I discovered he was talking about pirates) I said, "Oh is that your treasure?" "No. My boat." "Are you a pirate?" "I Jack Sparrow." (Now you understand the boots obsession! Jack Sparrow, the pirate on Pirates of the Caribbean, wears boots.) "You are so cute Bryce!" "No! I cool!" :)

Can you believe I don't have a picture of Bryce in the boots and he's worn them everyday for a month? These are pics of Braxton in his favorite boots at 2!


2 Little Lights said...

I love Bryce's boots, especially when I see him at church with them on. He is "cool". Before you know it, all the boys will be wearing them. I love hearing stories like this. It just shows us some of the beautiful blessings God intended through having children! You are definitely the perfect mom for 3 beautiful boys...oh the stories to come:)

robbieniccum said...

oh man! I will need to get a picture of Zach wearing his big sister's snow boots with the fur...they have been his favorite for a week now...I need a camera to keep around my neck! AND, I never think about snapping pictures of these things, I just look and laugh : ) thank you for sharing Randi! I love when confident women can let their kids wear whatever makes them feel great...it took me a long time to not care what others were thinking and spent many miserable moments trying to force them to take things off or put "proper" things on!!! I can't wait to see Bryce in his boots! He is COOL!!!

risenhoover said...

you gotta love 2 year old boys, so funny, Devin is always wearing Brad's or Brenden's boots, he had big rain/snow boots on the other day when his brother was wearing skates, we dont have skates for Devin so he thought brother boots would work, he didnt get far.

Vicki said...

Bryce is such a joy! I love to listen to him talk. He is a great communicator! And quite an entertainer. :)

Blenda said...

Good words.