I've always wanted to own my own bookstore/coffee shop, and this is what I want to call it. I actually hate cherries, except fresh Bing cherries. But honestly, a hot fudge sundae is not complete without a cherry. It's just that extra topping that makes it perfect. And that's what I want out of life...all the extras that God gives to make it "perfect" or at least a little closer to heavenly.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm reading a book right now called Your Boy: Raising a Godly Son in an Ungodly World by Vicki Courtney. I love it, but it has made me really think further into things I was already pondering. (I like that word-pondering) Anyway, it has really hit me recently the things my boys see in me not only will define much of who they are, but will greatly impact the type of woman they will seek as a mate. That's a little scary!

So what kind of woman do I want my boys to marry? I haven't really thought about it. I just always pray that God is preparing someone for them and that they will love God. But here are a few qualities I've come up with.

1. God-seeker

2. Pure in heart

3. Loves my son unconditionally

4. Fun-loving

5. Compassionate

6. Kind

7. Serves others with a joyful heart

8. Independent yet needs God and my son

9. Adventurous

10. Family-oriented

So I guess the question is... If this is the kind of woman I want my sons to marry, is this the woman I am?


3 wonderful gifts said...

I never stopped and looked at it like that. WOW thank you I will keep that in mind every time I turn around.

2 Little Lights said...

I am printing this one, AWESOME!:)

robbieniccum said...

Oh my gosh! Could your boys be any cuter?

I am still for betrothing

Mia is available ; P