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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back again...

I realized not long ago that I haven't blogged in almost a year! Oh my...I just checked again and it's been almost 2 years! So much life has happened in that short amount of time...it's hard to believe. I've been thinking that I'd like to start up again and with all of these snow days, now seems like as good a time as any!

I think I'll start with my current profession...

I used to be an elementary teacher, but I quit when Braxton was a year old. I HATED it and I really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. So after a lot of prayer and confirmation that I was doing the right thing, I turned in my notice and never looked back. In fact, I sold or gave away EVERYTHING, with the exception of a couple notebooks and a few favorite children's books.
5 years, several moves, and 2 more children down the road, I found my self in an interesting position. Last year, October 2009, we had recently moved to West Fork, AR. Braxton's teacher was REALLY sick (turned out to be the Swine Flu) and was in the hospital. I was beginning to notice that the work coming home left a lot to be desired. So after a couple of weeks of concern and also prodding from the Spirit, I called the principal and discovered they were unsure when the teacher would be returning and they did not have a certified substitute. I volunteered to substitute for an unknown amount of time, in a new school, in my son's classroom, after having been gone for 5 years...and without childcare for my little ones. Childcare in a small town is difficult enough but to find it in October for 2 kids proved to be especially tricky. No one had room for both boys. But by the end of the week, I was hired and had amazingly found a Godly woman who kept a few other kids in her home, most of which were teacher's kids, 5 minutes from my house. And she had chickens and 2 horses for an extra bonus! God definitely gives us the desires of our hearts!
I ended up staying until Christmas and it was wonderful! God granted me favor with my principal and he asked me to come back and do a maternity leave for another 1st grade teacher around Spring Break. I decided to take that job as well and finished out the school year, but I had no intentions of going back full time. My principal even asked me if I would consider teaching full time and I told him no. I wanted to be home with my boys, after all Bryce only had 1 more year until kindergarten.
But I received a phone call on July 4th weekend from my principal. He said there was a 1st grade position open and wanted to know if I was interested. I said I didn't think so but I would call him after the weekend and let him know for sure.
The funny thing is when I was subbing in the 1st grade classes, I remembered why I loved teaching. West Fork is an awesome school with an amazing principal and staff and I had a wonderfully supportive team. So when the principal and other teachers first started asking me about teaching full time, I began praying that if God wanted me to teach, He would provide a 1st grade job in West Fork. But as time wore on, I really felt like I was supposed to stay home for at least another year so I quit praying about it.
So back to July 4th...so I get a phone call from the principal at the one school I said I would consider teaching at again, for the only grade I said I wanted, for a job I did not apply for (but many others had), and for a job I had told the principal I did not want... Lloyd and I both began to think that there was something, or Someone, much bigger at work here.
But there was still the issue of my own children... I was heartbroken! I didn't want to leave them, especially with only one year left at home with Bryce and with my sweet Brady only being 2! Even now as I type this, my heart is saddened by those thoughts...but I prayed that my husband would really hear from God about this situation and he did. Lloyd strongly felt that God wanted me to take the job, but I was still struggling with being obedient. We were at my parents house for the weekend and I went outside by myself late one night and I just poured my heart out to God...all my doubts, questions, concerns, fears, even anger that this was not what I had planned...and He answered me. I know some of you don't believe that God speaks to us directly and I'll get in to that later. But in the backyard of my parents house that night, I heard Him say that my own children were ok-they were safe and healthy and being raised by parents who loved them and love Him and I needed to go back to teaching for the Kingdom. He told me there were children and adults in the school that needed to experience His love.
So I am currently a "missionary" in West Fork Elementary, posing as a 1st grade teacher and parent facilitator. :) It hasn't been easy, that's for sure. But I have never been more certain that God, the creator of the universe, loves each and every one of us and actively seeks us out.
(Luke 15)


Amy Mac said...

Yea! You're back! We can be "blogging buddies" again :) I asked my friend for 7 of the Jake prayer bracelets…I'll mail those to you and your mom soon. Love you!

Amy Mac said...

Oh, and I loved your post…you are inspiration in how you are truly listening to God and obeying!

robbieniccum said...

wow Randi! that is a super wonderful testimony!!! Look forward to reading more posts from you. :)

robbieniccum said...

and TWO YEARS???!!! I am glad you remembered all your log in info after all the moving and stuff :P LOL.. (I am sooo teasing you girl.)

Moms Gone Godly said...

I am so glad to see you back Randi!! I can't wait to hear more:)