I've always wanted to own my own bookstore/coffee shop, and this is what I want to call it. I actually hate cherries, except fresh Bing cherries. But honestly, a hot fudge sundae is not complete without a cherry. It's just that extra topping that makes it perfect. And that's what I want out of life...all the extras that God gives to make it "perfect" or at least a little closer to heavenly.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Braxton!

Braxton is 6 today! I can't believe it! That just seems so old...like there's no baby left to hold on to in 6! I am so proud of the young man he's becoming. Braxton is kind-hearted, gentle, very smart, a great big brother, easy to get along with, a friend to everyone, and respectful (usually). My favorite thing is that he already has a heart for God. Several weeks ago, we ate lunch with some of our friends and Braxton wanted to pray. He prayed like he always does, and our friend said "Man Braxton, you're going to be a preacher or something!" I was so touched. I don't really care if Braxton grows up to be a preacher but I love that at 6 someone (other than me) recognizes his relationship with his Heavenly Father. I just pray that remains the most important relationship throughout his life--that he relies on his Father for love, joy, safety, comfort, peace, security, everything.

So, Happy Birthday Braxton! Here's to an amazing 6th year of life! I love you!


robbieniccum said...

Happy Birthday Braxton!!!
Randi, I hope this is encouraging to you...last night my soon to be 7 year old (in May) climbed in my lap and fell asleep last night :)
There is still plenty of "cuddle love" left ;)

The Loftis Family said...

Happy Birthday to you, Braxton! Randi, what an awesome little boy you have. Loved reading the blog about him :)

Fresh Sugar said...

happy B-day Braxton i wish we were there to celebrate. hey we are coming april 15th can we have a play date maybe that Friday??