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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Your Children Mind Without Losing Yours

This is the name of the book my well-meaning mother bought me. Funny huh? But with a defiant 2 year old screaming NO at me all day long, I thought I'd read it. I'm about half way through it, and it's the same as all the other parenting books. Every one I've ever picked up is for reasoning, rational children which is great for my 5 1/2 year old but does absolutely nothing for my non-reasoning, insanely irrational 2 year old. This afternoon we missed nap time b/c we had to take Braxton to the doctor. When we got home, it was too late for naptime. So in about 20 minutes, Bryce managed 3 different spankings, 1 time out, and soap in his mouth. And for those of you who think that sounds horrid, trust me I have tried all kinds of rational reasoning, kind-speaking, redirecting of behavior. IT'S NOT WORKING! Nothing in my 4 years of college majoring in elementary education or 5 years of teaching or 5 years of parenting my oldest have prepared for my darling Bryce. (Those of you that don't know me--please understand that I say this in jest but also in truth. I LOVE my children more than you can imagine!) But if any of you have any guidance for convincing my sweet boy to eat or put his shoes on or not take off his poopy diaper or just get in the car without a war breaking out, I'd love to hear it!


2 Little Lights said...

I have got the perfect thing...bring him to my house and I will watch him while you run your arrands! Or I could come there while you do everything around your house that needs to be done:) Another than that, I will pray REALLY HARD FOR YOU!

2 Little Lights said...

And while I am there, you can teach me how to spell,LOL!

Anonymous said...

Don't stress about the small things... don't force him to eat, he will eat when he gets hungry,it will save your sanity and help him have an ounce of independence.Studies have shown that 2 year old sreally do eat a balanced diet at the end of the week.....Shoes..who needs shoes, ha...grab 2 different pairs, let him choose..once again saving your sanity and granting him an ounce of independence.If he still refuses let him walk without out to the car, step on gravel a few stickers...he will change his mind...If he chooses to take his poopy diaper off, he can clean himself, that works Wonders, totally grosses them out and they are happy to wait for mommy from then on, suggest potty chair. :o)I hope this helps....all that really matters is loving them to pieces daily and all of you going to heaven..the rest is totally negotiable.... :o)